Gallup Poll

November 9th, 2009
by Tod Ewing

Polls are interesting creatures but let me know what you make of this one.  What does it say to you in terms of next steps for healing, unity and justice?

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2 Responses to “Gallup Poll”

  1. Tod Rutstein Says:

    Tod’s book is a wonderful meditation on the thorny subject of racial prejudice in the United States of America. Its unpretntious, cut-to-the-chase, bold and direct style seem so appropriate for the conversation that every soul longs to embrace. What further distinguishes this work from other notable contributions to such a “vital” and “challenging” discussion is the recognition that solutions can only be achieved through spiritual means.
    Tod’s faith in human nobility, and his deep desire and commitment to act upon this reality, frame a message that should be heard by all “U.S. of Americans”.

  2. Phyllis Unterschuetz Says:

    I find it curious that people seem to think our attitudes about race will magically change just because we elected a black president. Pretty hopeful, but not very realistic. An external event has very limited power to change the ways we’ve been conditioned to perceive one another. Racial prejudice will not be eliminated in our society until it is eliminated in our individual hearts and minds. And that can happen only when we all make purposeful, conscious efforts to identify how we’ve been brainwashed about race and to reprogram the unhealthy thoughts and feelings that fester in our unconscious and keep us separated. It is – as so clearly pointed out in Tod’s book – a spiritual problem. With a spiritual solution.

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