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July 28th, 2009
by Tod Ewing
Tod Ewing

Tod Ewing

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Tod Ewing has more than 25 years of experience in diversity, race relations communication skill and conflict resolution training. He is a 22 year partner and now owner of the consulting firm Hanna, Ewing and Associates based in Washington DC.  Tod is a former director of Minority Affairs at St. Cloud University where he developed campus wide systematic processes and programs to address diversity issues.  He is a national speaker on race relations and building models of cultural and racial unity. He is a certified mediator.  Tod also provides facilitation skill training for those preparing to facilitate community based race related dialogues.

His firm serves government agencies, businesses, community organizations, and schools throughout the United States. Tod has provided consulting and training for hundreds of teachers from Pre K-12 He has also provided training in the Caribbean and in Uganda in Africa.

Tod the author of “Seeing Heaven in the Face of Black Men”, a semi-autobiographical, hopeful yet honest look at how a transpersonal (beyond personality) or spiritual consciousness has practical implications for achieving racial unity and justice in the U.S of America. An indicator of that achievement: When U.S Americans expect to, want to and see heaven in the face of Black men. He is co-author of a comprehensive leader’s manual and student book entitled, “Building Cultural Bridges”, now in its third edition, designed for educators and students. He is also the author/compiler of a spiritually based cultural and racial handbook based entitled “Toward Oneness.”  He is currently working on a follow up book to that compilation titled, “Race Unity Meets the Core Activities:  An Explosion of Growth at Their Intersection.”

Tod is a long time member of the Baha’i Faith whose emphasis is on the oneness of humankind. He is motivated by a passage in the Baha’i teachings that states that the unity between the Black and White “will be an assurance of the world’s peace.”

Tod is currently working on a master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology.

(Graduation May 2010.)  He has been married for 35 years, has two daughters and three grand daughters.   


  • The purpose of training and consulting programs offered by Hanna, Ewing and Associates is to build models of unity while maintaining and capitalizing on diversity.         

    Hanna, Ewing & Associates 5713 16th St. NW, Washington DC 202-829-2886 c 202-631-2392

  • Seeing Heaven in the Face of Black Men

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    1. Suzanne Hallenberg Greeson Says:

      You’re the greatest! I’m so blessed to call you brother/friend. Suzanne

    2. Nancy Duggan Says:

      I know your book will make a difference, in the same way you do wherever you go. God bless!!

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