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February 25th, 2013

Seeing Heaven in the Face of Black Men engages the reader in an informal and forthright “conversation, sharing a “day in the life” journey through the emotional and psychological land mines created by race in America and then introduces a compelling approach for racial healing. Those who are applying this approach in such arenas as business, psychotherapy, social work, psychology and health related fields, are witnessing the impact it is having on relationships, the quality of service and the quality of the work environment. It is time we applied it to the field of diversity and race relations. So what am I talking about?

Focusing on the Black/White divide, my book calls for a profound and dramatic transformation of consciousness on the part of both groups challenging them to ground that transformation in what it calls the “practicality of spirituality.” Before dismissing this as naïve or implausible consider the emotional quagmire and boxing match Blacks and Whites seem unable to extract themselves from and ask your self if a different vantage point isn’t needed from which to operate.

Heaven in the Face of Black Men
Spirituality, as defined in this book, is not necessarily connected to a particular religious affiliation though strength is often drawn from one. It is an inner quality and depth of consciousness that realizes interconnectedness with all humanity. It impels us to act from our noble self. Human beings have long drawn on it to move to “higher ground”, to deal with pain, raw emotions and anger and to root out undesirable qualities. It is clear, from observing those who “tap” it, that it is not weak, impractical or superfluous; it is a real force for change! We admire the ability of others to draw on it but often fail to choose it for ourselves.

Science, with neuroscience leading the way, is reinforcing the “practicality of spirituality” and its role as a powerful force for change as well as its role in creating an emotionally and mentally healthy way to live.

Finally, I believe when more Americans expect to want to and actually see heaven in the face of black men, a powerful milestone will have been reached in this country’s movement toward racial unity and justice.

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Author’s Commentary

January 1st, 2013

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Meet the Author

July 1st, 2012

Tod Ewing has more than 25 years of experience in diversity, race relations communication skill and conflict resolution training. He is a 22 year partner and now owner of the consulting firm Hanna, Ewing and Associates based in Washington DC.  Tod is a former director of Minority Affairs at St. Cloud University where he developed campus wide systematic processes and programs to address diversity issues.  He is a national speaker on race relations and building models of cultural and racial unity. He is a certified mediator.  Tod also provides facilitation skill training for those preparing to facilitate community based race related dialogues.

His firm serves government agencies, businesses, community organizations, and schools throughout the United States. Tod has provided consulting and training for hundreds of teachers from Pre K-12 He has also provided training in the Caribbean and in Uganda in Africa.


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What people are saying!

July 19th, 2010

Testimonials for Tod’s presentations

I am highly impressed with Tod’s ability to shed light on how spirituality can be applied to the practical problems surrounding issues of racism. Discussions on racism and race can be very emotionally challenging. However I strongly believe the practical yet spiritual approach Tod is suggesting is our best hope for unity and justice. I definitely recommend him as a speaker.”
Dr. Phyllis Gudger-Porter - Retired College Professor
Spartanburg SC

The world is so full of pontificating – words, words, words – that when we come across a lesson that sticks with us because it is grounded in deeds, we need to pay attention. The race unity work of Tod Ewing and Phyllis and Gene Unterscheutz is that kind of lesson – one that inspires, lifts us up, gives us the courage to try one more time to bridge the painful gap between black and white in America. These folks never point the finger; they take their own hearts and minds as the field of battle. It is there that they wrestle the angel for his blessing. Their courage, their generosity, their hopefulness – we need these as we struggle to free our hearts and our nation of its most challenging issue: the blight of racial prejudice and interracial tension.

Mary K. Radpour, LCSW, Psychotherapist Chattanooga, TN


Testimonials for Tod’s book

Fiyah Oates says:
“What an incredible book!! I’m almost finished and simply love the approach. It’s novel and fresh! I will encourage everybody I know to read the book.” (Fiyah Oates initial response to the book).
After completing the book Fiyah stated the following:
“Wow, this book is off the chart. Never saw such an original and truthful approach to repair the social disparities in America meted out by race. I highly recommend it in so many arenas. They need to make this required reading in the public school system!! I will be spreading the word!”

Martin L Varner says:
Thank you, thank you, thank you damn near to death for writing this book…. I am so glad this book is in writing because it speaks the language of all the Black men I know…. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Janice Sadeghian says:
“I just finished reading Tod Ewing’s book “Seeing Heaven in the Face of Black Men” and was deeply moved by its content and message and the personal experiences, illustrative stories, and heartfelt passion with which it was written. Mr. Ewing reminds each of us that we have a role to play in healing the wounds of racism and building the bridge to a better future, and he makes it clear that this cannot be done without incorporating spirituality as an essential tool.
While it was necessary for me to read this book in installments, my desire was not to put it down until it was finished cover to cover. I will highly recommend this book to others.”

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Gallup Poll

November 9th, 2009

Polls are interesting creatures but let me know what you make of this one.  What does it say to you in terms of next steps for healing, unity and justice?

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