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July 16th, 2012
by Tod Ewing

“I am highly impressed with Tod’s ability to shed light on how spirituality can be applied to the practical problems surrounding issues of racism. Discussions on racism and race can be very emotionally challenging. However I strongly believe the practical yet spiritual approach Tod is suggesting is our best hope for unity and justice. I definitely recommend him as a speaker.”

Dr. Phyllis Gudger-Porter -
Retired College Professor 
Spartanburg SC

The world is so full of pontificating – words, words, words – that when we come across a lesson that sticks with us because it is grounded in deeds, we need to pay attention. The race unity work of Tod Ewing and Phyllis and Gene Unterscheutz is that kind of lesson – one that inspires, lifts us up, gives us the courage to try one more time to bridge the painful gap between black and white in America. These folks never point the finger; they take their own hearts and minds as the field of battle. It is there that they wrestle the angel for his blessing. Their courage, their generosity, their hopefulness – we need these as we struggle to free our hearts and our nation of its most challenging issue: the blight of racial prejudice and interracial tension.

Mary K. Radpour, LCSW, Psychotherapist                                                                                    Chattanooga, TN 

Everyone at Burke has been singing your praises about your presentation on Dr. King. The Head of School…the teachers and staff, and especially the kids. You were a big hit! Many people have asked me if I would invite you back to Burke. Of course I told them, YES!!!!.  Thank you so much for your generosity in accepting my invitation to do the assembly. It was fantastic!

Reggie Willis, Director of Equity and Inclusion at Edmund Burke School  Washington, DC

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