Spiritual Coaching Testimonies

September 9th, 2013
by Tod Ewing

This year I had the opportunity to participate in Spiritual Coaching sessions facilitated by Tod Ewing.

I found the process very helpful in assisting me to move ahead with my spiritual development and to see the profound connectedness of all aspects of my life to my spiritual growth.   Tod’s style is one of empowering the participant to discover what is important for oneself rather than to impose his views and values on the participant.

One of the most profound effects of the coaching sessions was to see my growth in areas of my life that I didn’t expect – that once I took steps in one area, I was inspired to take steps in creative processes that were close to my heart, and it seemed that the universe aligned itself to help me move forward in that direction.

I do think that scheduling periodic “check-ups” with Tod will help me to continue to move along towards the goals I’ve set.  I highly recommend Tod as a Spiritual Coach for any number of things. (Alison)
I still remember Tod providing me with such insightful counsel. The advice and thoughts he shared with me last year were like gold, and I consider him a counselor and mentor.  My intent is to continue to learn from him to glean from his wisdom, insight and experiences.  (Elvis)

Tod Ewing is a powerful yet tender being/soul. I’ve always felt that I wanted to engage with him on a deeper level and when I found out he was offering life coaching I jumped at the opportunity. He gave me tangible tools to help me deal with deeply painful memories that had turned into life patterns. Even now, when I need to center my life, focus, and feel whole, I use the ideas and exercises Tod taught me. I loved his approach of genuine concern and was very happy with the insights he shared. I would one hundred times recommend him to anybody considering his services!

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