February 21st, 2010
by Tod Ewing

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“Seeing Heaven in the Face of Black Men” is unique in the literature on race relations. It is told from a personal Black American perspective, but it is not alienating for a non-Black to read. Although it outlines countless unjust racist phenomena in American society, it is not written with a quality of anger. On the contrary, it is an invitation to “get or to keep” the conversation on race going. It is honest but not cynical; rather, it is hopeful and generous in the amount of personal sharing. Written in a manner of speaking that gives texture to what may be a common Black experience in America, I feel much richer and more complete for having read it. American society even today is more often than not racially segregated, and Ewing’s book desegregates it with his willingness to share his experiences as a Black American to a universal audience so openly. This book should be required reading for all Americans, and for anyone in the business of creating a world that works for everyone.”
Cady McClurg

“Tod’s amazingly candid book has given me an emotionally potent insight into the proverbial day in the life” of a black man, which far exceeds what I’ve gained from previous books, films, conversations or experiences.  I can honestly say that something “clicked” as I read this book and that I now approach our shared task of strengthening racial unity with a new energy and optimism.”
Tom Moritz

“I found this book filled with a plethora of interesting and accurate facts intermingled with one of the most honest insights to aid our understanding of personal journey. One may even think that healing is not possible, only to discover upliftment and enlightenment if one chooses illumination.  One may not look at another human being the same ever again!”
Lou Chance

Countless literary offerings spring forth from the intellectual plane. This gift springs from that sacred realm of heart and soul. Mr. Ewing has boldly and sincerely invited us to share his personal journey thus far along the road of life. More importantly, he encourages us, if we haven’t done so already, to “look at the man in the mirror”, to commit ourselves, and to strive continually for the eradication of all forms of prejudice. Such actions will propel us all towards our true destiny – “an ever advancing civilization” – the purpose for which we were created. Through these and other lofty endeavors we will ultimately experience a profound closeness to the One Who created us. Mr. Ewing continually calls our attention to the requisite of rising above the emotional plane and recognizing the obligatory “practicality of spirituality”.

Utmost love and gratitude to my dear brother and his family for their labor of love and sacrifice in sharing their life’s journey with us,
William F. Varner

“When I first read this book, I realized so many people in the United States have very little clue of the day to day experiences that Black people face. Beyond exploring that, the book offers some of the most powerful ideas I have seen for bringing Blacks and Whites together. Most people shy away from bringing spirituality into discussions about social problems. This book offers a compelling argument that spirituality may be the best hope for breaking down the seemingly intractable barriers between Whites and Blacks.”

(Dr. Barry Magnus)

“This book offers a fresh and personal look at the emotionally charged interactions between Blacks and Whites in America. It offers powerful insights that will connect with many readers and open the eyes of others. The fact that it challenges both Blacks and Whites to call on their “spirituality” to transform the pain associated with race into a powerful force for unity and justice, I found unique and compelling.”

(Stacia Stribling)

“I believe a book such as this comes along when the hearts and minds of the people are ready and open to the wisdom it shares. The time is over-ripe for a giant step in the healing process of America’s future and Seeing Heaven in the Face of Black Men is such a welcomed and necessary step.”

(Nan-Lynn Nelson)

“I hope this book can reach a wide, wide audience—if any book on race could, it would be this one. The sincerity and honesty are disarming, and the thorough support for all arguments is extremely persuasive. And what’s more: the author owns his feelings, stays self-critical, and questions his own preconceived notions. We can only learn from listening to his perspective. It really deserves widespread attention!”

(Yvonne Richter)

“On rare occasions, I read an article, a book or hear something said in a speech, that, as the old saying goes, “tickles my fancy”, that I think is truly special, truly different, and most important to me, truly hopeful. These are the phrases that kept coming to mind while I was reading Mr. Ewing’s most fascinating and unique vantage point on waking up Black in America and Seeing Heaven in the Face of Black Men. They are the same words that keep coming to mind in retrospect, even weeks after reading the book. Mr. Ewing’s perspectives and proposed approaches to solutions, philosophically, spiritually and personally inspire hope that a more loving world is possible and that the topic of racial relations might not, of necessity, be discussed by my grandchildren.”

(Geoffrey Ewing, brother of the author)

4 Responses to “Testimonies”

  1. Roxanne Erickson Says:

    When will the book be available in stores? Looking forward to it.

  2. Fiyah Oates Says:

    What an incredible book!! I’m almost finished and simply love the approach. Its novel and fresh! I will encouraging everybody I know to read the book.

  3. Deborah Renee Baker Says:

    Gratitude Tod
    for the inspiration and challenge to keep us working toward the solutions! Your courageous vulnerability creates a glimpse of authentic healing for the rest of us. A Reminder – that Seeing Heaven in the Face of Black Men here in Detroit, MI and beyond is about Human Dignity.
    “So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth.” (Baha’u'llah,
    Epistle to the Son of the Wolf, p. 14)

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